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“Leading with wisdom”

The Asian Leadership Institute (ALI) is dedicated to the evolution of wise leaders that generate a sustainable global society.

We have a 30-year track record of helping CEOs and their executive management teams to increase their leadership effectiveness and impact. We have received many elite leaders of multinational corporations and family-run businesses from over 20 countries including India, China, Singapore, Canada, the U.S.A. and EU countries. We offer world-class leadership programs that raise the consciousness of leaders for personal growth as well as the success of their businesses, their families and the world. 

We consider awareness and consciousness to be key to leadership development and lasting organizational change. Our approach reflects the richness and inherent tolerance of Asian culture. Without limitations of any religious context, ethics and meaning arise naturally to be integrated into our development process through diligent yet simple practice. Our approach is inclusive of individual, cultural and family lifestyles.

Our coaching process enables our clients to immerse themselves in customized retreats at our idyllic retreat centers in Chiang Mai, Thailand or Salt Springs Island, Canada. During the retreat, clients gain valuable insight into the limitations that personality and emotions pose to growth. They develop a conscious personal practice to achieve high self-awareness, effective communication and access to insight and wisdom.

Our coaches provide personalized follow-up coaching after the retreat to reinforce new, more effective behaviors for individuals, families or organizations.