Aaron Quinn

Aaron, originally from London, has nearly 20 years’ experience in the advertising, media and communications business. After completing a degree in international business, he moved into the media industry working across a whole range of clients from financial and government to entertainment and FMCG. In 2008 he settled in Hong Kong and established the media operation for Colgate Palmolive across Asia and Eurasia. This gave him the opportunity to work with teams on the ground in countries as diverse as Russia, India, China and Turkey.

With fearless questioning and humor I help clients uncover what truly motivates them.

In 2014 he resigned from the corporate world to search out the next exciting chapter in his life. After travelling extensively, he joined the executive coaching team at the Asian Leadership Institute. His corporate experience has given him great insights into how we as consumers behave and what makes us tick. Working in an agency environment with multiple clients also gave him a greater understanding of the different working cultures that exist within different organisations and industries. Through managing cross-cultural teams across multiple continents he gained a deep understanding of the importance of non-verbal communication and human connection in business environments. Aaron has a unique way of building trust and significance with the clients that he coaches. Combining fearless questioning with lightness and humor he is able to help clients shift perspective and uncover what truly motivates them. He then actively supports them in moving forward.

Aaron has a passion for understanding what it is that makes some people happier, healthier and more effective at what they do. He is an NLP practitioner, trained hypnotherapist and has a daily mindfulness practice. His passions include yoga, film, quantum physics (he still doesn’t understand it…), Muay Thai (amateur) and personal development.