Andrew Bowden

Andrew Bowden is Australian born and has has spent much of the past 20 years in South Asia. After completing a degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Degree in Education from Melbourne University, he moved to Thailand to pursue his growing interest in mindfulness meditation practices, as taught within the Buddhist traditions. Andrew has been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and practice for several years with some of the leading teachers of mindfulness meditation in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma and India.

It’s a real privilege to help facilitate participants’ growth, understanding and supportive connection with each other.

In 2010, he started his own company which specializes in helping mission-driven organizations become more successful, effective and efficient.

Professionally, Andrew has worked in the field of Education in Australia, Colombia, Thailand, England and Germany. In Germany he spent 2 years working for Microsoft & Allianz which included running workshops on intercultural communication skills . Andrew brings to his Triad Facilitation and his private coaching clients empathy, compassion and a deep & enduring interest in psychology and how mindfulness can be used to enrich all aspects of daily life beyond the meditation cushion.