Andrew Rivin

Andrew holds an MBA from Yale University and a BA from the University of Texas, where he was awarded that school’s highest honor, “Student of the Year” (1 out of 50,000). After initiating dozens of small businesses in Africa in his early 20’s, Andrew founded a successful adventure travel company, described by the New York Times as “the most respected in the field”. For 25 years he inspired hundreds of employees to embrace the vision of his organization, to connect with their greatness, to experience their own self-mastery, and to guide others in their teams and personal lives to do the same.

The Triad is a mindful dance which blends ancient wisdom with modern technology.

Overseeing expeditions in countries throughout Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and the Caribbean Basin, Andrew cultivated a deep understanding of cross-cultural and interpersonal dynamics. After becoming a student of Eastern philosophy and a practitioner of meditation and yoga in his early 30’s, he began introducing the teachings of mindfulness, conscious communication, self-empowerment, responsibility, co-creation, and choice. His employees, their clients, and the communities throughout the world they served began experiencing new insight, broadened perspective and expanded presence.

He now teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation in workshops and retreats around the world, and he holds the highest certifications as a teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance. Andrew is a leadership coach in private practice. He has been leading triads for over 2 years and he also mentors new triad facilitators.

His coaching style is light, fun and seriously playful. He lovingly and empathically invites his clients to see alternative vantage points, to witness their self-limiting language and beliefs, and to step into their own truth of what it means to be fully alive. Andrew coaches fearlessly. He is direct, clear and powerful in his feedback, and he welcomes occasional discomfort and conflict, knowing that this is growth’s edge.

Andrew is a perpetual student of life; he is deeply curious, and he is a life-long competitive athlete who stays in top mental, emotional and physical shape in order to keep up with his 2-year-old granddaughter.