Willow Rosenberg personality

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Reunited with her best friends, Buffy and Xander, after a long period of time, Willow tells them that she and Kennedy are taking things slowly after Kennedy suffered a month-long mystical death. "Doppelgangland"). I'm all fuzzy." While being held hostage by Spike, Willow and Xander share a kiss, believing that they will never escape Spike alive. Willow is capable of imbuing herself with superhuman strength rivaling Buffy's, flying, absorbing life from others, teleportation, being impervious to physical damage, emitting high-pitched shrieks in frequencies harmful to human ears, healing herself and others instantly at will, unleashing powerful energy blasts, locating people and objects at a distance (even when theoretically protected from such spells), and exerting powerful levels of telekinesis and telepathic mind control.

Willow is ridiculed by her more popular classmates, including cheerleaders Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall. -- Moni3 ( talk ) 13:07, 6 November 2011 (UTC) While I entirely agree that it's probably too technical in nature to describe in detail, the point is that it's misrepresenting Dark Willow as having a power she does not technically possess. Biographical information on Willow Rosenberg.

In Season Four's "The Initiative", Spike admits that he finds Willow's "fuzzy pink number with the lilac underneath" to be arousing. Shortly afterwards, Tara is "brain-sucked" by the hell-goddess Glory, left in an insane, babbling state. Afterwards, Willow becomes addicted to using magic, and her disregard for the consequences of her actions eventually drives Tara away and lands Dawn in the hospital (cf. Later Willow follows Dracula’s instructions to cast a spell and strip all the vampires from their powers. "Anywhere but Here").When Amy Madison unleashes an army of zombies on Buffy and her Slayers in Scotland, Willow rushes to her friends' aid (cf. She is shocked to discover that her vampire counterpart exhibits homosexual tendencies, a foreshadowing to her own lesbian relationships in the future.

She loves to talk and has on cocasion tends to babble insesintly about nothing. Wikipedia can factually report that an authoritative source holds an opinion - but that is a very different thing to positing a view and citing a source which shares that view. Willow first appeared as heterosexual. "Wrecked"). Willow admits that she fears that by being around Buffy, Kennedy's life will be jeopardized like Tara's. She can now fly by force of will and has regained control of her powers, and although her roots continue to go dark whenever she taps into more power, this doesn't faze her. Wikipedia should not be offering opinions, even if those opinions are backed up by references.
Most notably her boyfriend Oz.

I saw a clip of her doing this out in public with people milling around next to Buffy who is doing crunches.

Despite being accepted by several prestigious colleges, including Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, Willow decides to attend UC Sunnydale so that she can continue fighting the "good fight" with Buffy.By Season Three, Willow has blossomed through her relationship with Oz, and her appearance reflects this. She is easily nervous and has a tendency not to know how to deal with it.

Willow is the show's only major character known to be Jewish, and later was one of the most prominent lesbian characters in American television. Although Cordelia breaks up with Xander for good, Oz and Willow eventually manage to work things out. Feeling undervalued by her friends, Willow threatens to change her look, shortly before the arrival of the alternate universe Vamp Willow, dressed in her iconic leather outfit. In the video TwizzFizz plays one of her characters, which she swears is not supposed to be Tim Pool, who is raging that he can’t read Pokimane’s private Tweets anymore. Xander described Dark Willow's appearance as the "makeover of the damned", but later assured her that he loved "scary, veiny Willow" just as much as "crayon breaky Willow."

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Willow Rosenberg personality