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The theory behind making riding a bicycle on the sidewalk an offense is that pedestrians on the sidewalk could be injured by bicyclists. § 19-176 Bicycle operation on sidewalks prohibited. In a reversal from 2012, NYPD last year issued more tickets for speeding on local streets than criminal charges for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk — but just barely. Summons for riding bike on sidewalk, referencing Rules of the City of New York, NOT Administrative Code. Do they issue another summons date for me? « 1 2 » 1 2 » Comments But unlike everyone else (except for me), he had never spent time in jail. Nice kindergarden! Nothing will probably happen just yet, but if you're pinched for anything else in the future, and they run your ID, you might end up with a failure to answer warrant.If I pay, and they can track me down - I lose $50What are the chances a gambit like this will succeed? Obviously, the most expedient thing would be to just pay. A few weeks ago, I got a pink summons in Central Park for briefly riding on the sidewalk in the early morning. Anyone know their math and probability?Much better to avoid the potential loss and let go of the $50.Short of paying the fine or showing up on my court date to dispute it, I see from the back of the ticket I can also write in and deny the charge. The offense can be found in the New York City Administrative Code.80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 702, Kew Gardens, NY  11415Provided by Shalley and Murray 718-268-2171The following are links to related sites with more information about pinks summons cases or information about other aspects of the New York Criminal Justice System, including a link to webcrims, a way to check online where and when your case (including pink summons matter) is pending:The theory behind making riding a bicycle on the sidewalk an offense is that pedestrians on the sidewalk could be injured by bicyclists. 2) Should I hire an attorney for this? Hi folks, take care when you are riding a bike in New York!

Or will they just take the officer's word and issue me a fine?When I called about my ticket's absence from the system, the city said it had my name and the hearing date but no other details, it may have been entered or scanned poorly. There had been one other person taken in for riding his bike on the sidewalk -- a 20 year-old kid -- and I worried about him. That's usually what the term "pink ticket" refers to. Hello, I got a summons for riding a bike on sidewalk (violation of 19-176 b). If I pay, and they can't track me down - I lose $50If my potential gain is $50, but my potential loss is $200, it would probably be best to avoid the potential loss, right?If I don't pay, and they can track me down - I could owe $200Thanks for everyone's responses. Summons for riding bike on sidewalk, thoughts? I'd be surprised if you were given a criminal summons for riding on the sidewalk unless you were being particularly reckless.I tried to deal with the ticket online, either to postpone the hearing date or pay it, but it hasn't shown up in the system.I'm no mathematician, but I'd say the city has good odds of tracking you down. What happens if I deny?

a. If the officer claims that the offending bicyclist endangered another person or property by riding on the sidewalk, it is a misdemeanor and conviction could give the person a criminal record.Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular pink summons tickets written. I got an 'invitation' to meet the court (called summons) for RIDING A BICYCLE ON A SIDEWALK. Bicycle on the Sidewalk AC 19-176. I was on a Citi Bike, on my way to my white collar job, in white collar dress, leaving the park for Columbus Circle around dawn.To clarify, is this a criminal summons ticket? But my schoolboy lessons of civil obedience dovetail with my natural miserliness so I'm looking for options.

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culture beat mr vain