empress theodora and retinue

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Justinian wrote that he had consulted Theodora when he promulgated a constitution that included reforms meant to end corruption by public officials.Theodora had given birth to a daughter, either before she met Justinian or early in their marriage, but the girl didn't live long. She closed brothels and created convents, where the ex-prostitutes could support themselves.She was known as a protector of members of the Monophysite faction when they were accused of heresy. Belisarius, one of her husband's generals, eventually herded the rebels into the Hippodrome, where they were slaughtered.Theodora died in 548, possibly from cancer or gangrene. Religion: Empress Theodora holds a chalice- could represent part of Christina liturgy: bringing … They were treated like servants and kept waiting in a small, stuffy room for an endless time.

They also carefully supervised the magistrates, much more so than previous emperors, possibly to reduce bureaucratic corruption.Interpretations that Justinian never forgot that it was Theodora who had saved his throne depend on seeing Procopius' account as a straightforward report, and not framed to impugn Justinian with the implication that he was more cowardly than his wife.

The government officials had sunk into a slavish condition, and she was their slave-instructor.

Some commentators, including Procopius, allege that their differences were more pretense than a reality, presumably to keep the church from having too much power.She sometimes explicitly worked against her husband's support of Chalcedonian Christianity in the ongoing struggle for the predominance of each faction, especially at the edges of the empire. It is found on the left wall of the apse and it represents Empress Theodora and her offerings to Christ. However important the figure of empress Theodora is for the whole composition, it would not have produced such an impressive impact but for the retinue accompanying her. Empress Theodora and Retinue, mosaic from South wall of the Church of San Vitale, Ravenna, c. CE 547. After she sat down, the men looked at each other and the generals began to discuss military plans.

The each piece of mosaic is settled certain angle. She became empress upon Justinian's accession in 527 and was one of his chief advisers, albeit from humble origins. )There was an error. Please try again.At a meeting of the Imperial Council on January 18, Theodora sat listening to the men debating whether they should flee the city.

Theodora, Byzantine empress known for her intelligence and political acumen. She famously championed women’s rights and mitigated the ongoing persecution of the miaphysite sect. Theodora’s suite includes both men and women. ' 'The Empress Theodora and Retinue,'' Basilica of San Vitale, 547 San Vitale have the mosaic of Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora.
When Justinian took the throne, Theodora became the empress.Through her relationship with her husband, who treated her as his intellectual partner, Theodora had a major impact on the political decisions of the empire.

The church was completed when Justinian conquest Ravenna and it was dedicated to Saint Vitalis, early christian martyr. (The independent record of this law being changed supports Procopius' account of Theodora's lowly origins. Before the day was over, many public buildings were in flames.

The wording of her famous speech is devised by Procopius, changing the term "tyranny" from an ancient saying to "royal purple", which likely reflects Procopius' desire to link Justinian to ancient tyrants.As the emperor and his counsellors were still preparing their project, Theodora interrupted them and claimed :Not even the government officials could approach the Empress without expending much time and effort. She found religion, renounced her former lifestyle, and made a living as a wool spinner, returning to Constantinople in 522.Theodora exercised considerable influence, though she was never made co-regent.

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empress theodora and retinue