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But the amount of criticals you get from one lonely vulture may be a bit too much. I said that when looking at “annoyance” and “fun” and “threat assessment” only one of those things is reliably measurable and not so subjective as to be a useless avenue of development.Haven't been around them lately, but in the past, only been at 99% health and they still attacked me when on foot.If you think I want you to stay silent then you completely missed my point. THAT is the time to ask people how to mod it out for personal pleasureAs for the 4x4, it was fine before. I think TFP revamped the whole debuff system - which is great, no complaints - but just sort of copied/pasted it into zombieTemplate or the equivalent hard-coded thing behind the scenes. So having a stash of mini bikes in an outpost near the border of the wasteland might be a good idea. Don't like it? Difficulty: advanced. That if you were fighting the horde in a base, then had to bail out and did so by vehicle that there would be a transition/grace period before you had 5+ vultures on you. I let it hit me about 10 times, then, when I started bleeding, stopped and shot it.Damage to the vehicle (that has 6000 durability) 23 !If vultures are basically doing no damage to vehicles during normal days/nights, but then not only come in unending swarms and can also five-shot a 4x4 on horde night (which in swarms might be in just a few seconds), quite possibly not only killing the player but also creating a situation where not only will the player possibly lose their backpack/belt, but also pretty much certain to lose anything they had in the vehicle..Am currently doing a 100% wasteland city map in A19 on my stream, and had 3 vultures, including an irradiated attack my base on the 1st night.

beats me, don't care.. was sayingI was on a shotgun messiah factory exploring the roofs, the basic zeds are numerous but can be dealt with but then i see 2 of these flying cancers spawned.

THIS is the time to ask for changes in gameplay mechanics. That's not even a matter of "feelings", that's just objective observationMega’s test proves that the mini-bike outruns vultures.As I said, without vultures, running around at 80% health is exactly the same as 100% health. The current system might be placeholder until the new system is implemented.

If/when they get time, it would be good to differentiate it a bit. The title of this thread is Who hates vultures? I think the critical hit system does not take into account how fast a zombie attacks which means faster but low damage attacks have a much higher chance for crits. Once the game goes gold, then mechanics are pretty much set in stone. "So thanks for clarifying for us what type of an issue this is. That was intentional and told to us by TFP.For those scratching their heads. I'll stay silentUnless they have been fixed in the latest patch that is not correct. With Drac realizing they had their settings turned up it kinda made my question moot though.I don't disagree. Do I get singled out because I happen to agree on multiple issues that happen to have vultures as the problem?There is no way a vulture should be able to break your leg..

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people vultures tab