Creating inspirational leaders

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The Problem

Actually this was more like a challenge. The Indian arm of the worlds leading strategic consultancy firm found themselves ranked in the bottom quartile of their global ranking on inspirational leadership. The task given to the Asian Leadership Institute – get them to the top!

The Solution

Many consultancy firms, especially those at highest level, tend to play mainly in the intellectual space. The first thing we had to do was to communicate that inspiration is not a concept, inspiration cannot be intellectualized, It cannot be forced or faked. It is a feeling. To do this we ran a full day workshop focusing on the practice of inspirational leadership.

By the end of the session, participants understood and felt what inspiration is and how to generate it. Participants literally practiced being inspirational as well as developing the skills on how to tune into the inspiration of other people. By the end participants were equipped with insights and a concrete practice to continue to nourish their own inspirational leadership qualities beyond the event. In order to ensure that these new practices were implemented into daily work life, follow up coaching was given over the following 12 months.


The India operation entered the top quartile ranking on inspirational leadership just 1 year after launching the program.

Using the 3C program to build stronger connections across departments and geographies.