Dinah Salonga

Dinah is from the Philippines where she started her career in Information Technology. She has worked as a programmer and management trainee for Computer Information Systems at Oracle, and as a database administrator for the International Rice Research Institute. She became employee #1 at Oracle, and worked in various capacities to work her way up to the position of Pre- Sales and Marketing Manager.

This experience has the ability to transform a life in the most simple yet profound way!

She discovered yoga in 2005 and realized its positive impact both in her personal and professional life. She eventually became a certified hot yoga instructor and co-founded Yogaplus, Inc., where she strives to help people become healthy, happy and ultimately better human beings. As the company’s Managing Director, she is also responsible for the over-all strategies and operations. She was chosen as one of Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2007.

Dinah is passionate about mindfulness and how it can help employees perform better and feel happier in the workplace. Besides being a TeamUp Triad facilitator she also conducts a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence workshop “Change From Within”. As a facilitator she is motivated to help others achieve transformation and aims to share how mindfulness can help improve relationships, increase self-awareness, and contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and contentment.