Enhancing the communication skills of technically brilliant people

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The Problem

The World Health Organisation employs technically brilliant people passionate about making a difference in the world. The senior regional team, based in New Delhi, are some of the smartest people in their fields with numerous papers and thought pieces to their names. The challenge for the organisation lay in this groups ability to effectively translate their knowledge to people in their teams and their ability to skillfully interact, facilitate and communicate across cultures and countries in SE Asia where they were often dealing with a wide range of different personalities.

Through initial discussions with WHO the Asian Leadership institute identified 3 key areas that needed attention.

  • Start to create an open feedback culture – at the time there was none.
  • Build a collaborative culture despite strong bureaucratic obstacles
  • Learn how to build significance in their communication with people in their teams and on the ground in country.

The Solution

A powerful combination of offsite and individual coaching.

Each of the 12 senior team members had one on one sessions with our executive coaches prior to the offsite. This allowed the content to really address the needs of the individuals on the team.

The offsite focused on developing powerful communication skills including skillful honesty, holding people to account and being able to give and receive feedback. It allowed each of them to explore their own personalities, how it’s been programmed and how to deal with other peoples personalities effectively. They also looked at how they managed their own emotional resources and how they can use them to better facilitate intercultural communication and relationship building. As part of the communication piece they looked at how they could build deeper more significant relationships and how to inspire others at the feeling level.

New leadership practices were developed for each individual and was supported by individual coaching as a follow up.


100% of participants rated the program 5 out of 5 and a follow up program is planned for later in 2017.

  We had good experience with the consultations and follow up sessions. The cross-cultural approach to leadership and wisdom perspective was very useful. There was a genuine interest in the personal development of clients. Excellent coaching and facilitating.

– Dr Survajee Good, Program Coordinator, WHO