Evaluating Success

Interventions led by business objectives

  In all our programs we aim to tie our interventions back to solid business objectives e.g. increase revenue, reduce churn rate, increase client satisfaction scores etc.

Our stakeholder centric approach means we can gather huge amounts of data on how things are changing in your organisation and the impact those changes are having on the people that matter. These could be external clients, partner agencies, suppliers, line managers, subordinates and peers (depending on the brief).

For larger interventions we also run pre and post quantitative studies to measure the impact and effectiveness of programs against key indicators (such as employee engagement).

Each measurement program is bespoke and will be co-created with the client, depending on the specific brief.

We’ve identified four key evaluation processes:

Leaders self evaluation

Key stakeholder pre and post feedback

Business Objectives (eg. reduced churn rate, increased revenue)

Bespoke pre and post research studies

The National University of Singapore worked with us to measure the impact of our online mindfulness program for organisations.

Positive and significant shifts were measured against key attributes including Self Awareness, Ability to Deal with Stress, Productivity, Confidence, Communication skills, Creativity, Learning Agility and Clarity of Purpose. For more details of the research and the methodology please get in touch with [email protected]

  We were impressed by the Asian Leadership Institutes dedication, and with the skilful coordination of this complex program which involved bringing together people of different cultures, nationalities and age groups across multiple locations. We would highly recommend them as a leading authority in leadership and mindfulness work.

Crystal Lim, Director of Future Ready Graduates, National University of Singapore