John McAuley

John is a true global citizen. An American, born in France, he was raised for a year in Africa, and has since lived in most of the financial capitals. He holds two master’s degrees in business, and spent 15 years on the hectic trading floors of two of the world’s largest investment banks (Chase Manhattan Bank and BNP Paribas). During this time, he also started his own hedge fund. After successfully helping to navigate his firms through the many financial crises since the 1990’s, he decided to commit himself to a calmer existence.

I’m passionate about helping traders overcome the limitations of their personality.

John has been affiliated with the Asian Leadership Institute for 8 years, where he runs the Financial Trading Division. His work experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of operating in highly stressful environments where he works with a diverse group of individuals. His expertise lies in coaching traders at hedge funds in how to optimize profitability. He works with some of the largest funds in the world and is a frequent speaker at financial conferences. He’s passionate about helping traders overcome the limitations of their personalities, whilst also regulating their biological emotions of fear and greed. From this place of clarity, expansiveness and intuition, clients find that they can analyze the market more successfully. His coaching also emphasizes effective trade management skills.

John speaks fluent Japanese, has a 3rd degree black belt in Japanese karate, and is a regular meditator and yoga practitioner. Recently, he spent his free time teaching karate at an orphanage on the Thai-Burma border. John still actively trades a portfolio (2/20 structure) for himself and others. He integrates a higher purpose into his compensation by giving a large percentage of profits to charity; which has increased returns.