Kenneth Hahn

Kenneth holds an MBA from Yale University and a BA in Sociology and Economics from Harvard University. In his early career he studied and then consulted with worker-owned companies, focusing on the use of ESOPs to foster greater employee participation in managerial decision-making and exploring what it meant to be the owner a company.

The wisdom just needs permission and encouragement to emerge.

All the while Kenneth had pursued an interest in adventure travel, at one time in the late 80s even rappelling off the Great Wall of China. In 1990, taking his academic interests to heart, he started his own adventure travel company, which over the next 22 years sent thousands of travelers to Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. He always strove for excellence and put a premium on finding and developing the best staff, both in the office and the field. In 2012 Kenneth sold the business and immediately started a consulting practice, working with businesses in his industry in the areas of strategic planning, hiring practices, marketing and branding, and talent acquisition.

Not wanting to do the same thing for 25 years, just shy of this mark, Kenneth charted a new course, which ultimately led to his ordination as a rabbi in 2016. Now he works as a chaplain in a major trauma center in Massachusetts (USA) supporting patients and their families as they face life-threatening medical situations. Kenneth has found that being with a dying patient or a business client is not all that different. In both instances, what is called for is presence, compassion, an inquisitive mind and a recognition that the patient or client knows exactly what they need to know. The wisdom just needs permission and encouragement to emerge.

Kenneth is a husband of almost 30 years and the father of two adult children, and he marvels at how amazing it is to maintain a relationship with all three members of his family, even as they continue to change and mature.