Our Clients

Collective success driven by peer support

How we work with clients

In our engagement with clients we put their needs first – we believe strongly in being transparent, open and honest counsellors. Knowledge transfer is one of our highest priorities – we want to work ourselves out of a job by helping to create wise and inspiring leaders within a thriving culture. This includes the ability to transfer leadership development processes and tools to our clients.

We work in a very collaborative manner with both our clients and any external consultants appointed for specialist expertise. We don’t have all the answers, the client does – we help facilitate the surfacing and consensus building around this. Many of our clients are leading Fortune 500 companies. If you would like to hear from on any of them about the work we’ve done we’d be very happy to supply references.

Recent clients we’ve worked with:

Family Run Business


Public Sector





  Very much appreciated the personal development and leadership coaching principles imparted through this workshop. Stepping outside the business context and self-evaluating our motivations, strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities with our team was invaluable. – APAC agency head – LinkedIn

  Feels like we’ve just pushed a reset button, a lot more trust, collaboration and a feeling of we are all in this together. Already seeing positive impact in first 48 hours. – Managing Partner MEC

  I’m really trying to be more engaging and give attention to people. I’ve stopped bringing my phone to meetings, and I’ve really tried to get in touch with co-workers and be more open and ask questions. – VP PAG

  The best leadership program I’ve taken in the last nine years – VP Merchandising DFS

  I learnt how to effectively build significance with key people in meetings. – VP IMC

  Practical sessions and interaction with other members were very useful for our day-to-day work. The best leadership workshop we’ve attended so far. – Senior executive Delhi-based Health-related multinational

  It came at just the right time after a somewhat negative survey and much frustration in the office. Never experienced such a buzz from training. – VP Red Fuse