Our Philosophy

Complexity is becoming the new norm

  In this changing world, we see people valuing personal growth and collaboration over increased status.

The external world in which leaders find themselves today is changing at an ever-increasing pace through digitalisation, more competition, and the global landscape that is so unpredictable that it’s almost scary. Organisations are launching more major change initiatives than ever before: three to five per year, on average according to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit.

At the same time our internal worlds are becoming more complex. There is an increased desire to align meaning and purpose with current careers; we have more complex relationships to manage; and, increased levels of stress and frustration to deal with.

In this new paradigm we see a trend towards people valuing personal growth and collaboration over increased status. Normal linear progression will need to be replaced by flatter structures, with new and diverse growth opportunities led by teams with the resilience and flexibility to succeed.

We know how to transform individuals and teams that can thrive in this new complex world.

Our programs focus on the WE. 'How can I get better?' and 'how can I help the people around me get better?' knowing that their success contributes to my success. Our flagship program coaches individuals in groups of three so that they not only transform their own behaviours, but develop the skills to coach, and to give and receive feedback with their peers in a skilfull way on an ongoing basis. This transforms the way people connect and support each other within their organisation.

We take a mindfulness-based approach to leadership and team development that’s based on more than 35 years of coaching senior leaders at the top of their game. We create the conditions for new insights to arise and the mechanisms to create internal supportive cultures to reinforce that change.

  I now take more steps to understand what the individual/teams I am working with are feeling and what motivates them to succeed as well.

– Regional agency lead, Linkedin