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Tailored programs to suit your brief

  Our programs focus on the WE. Individuals are encouraged to ask key questions such as: ‘How can I get better?’ and ‘How can I help the people around me get better?’ with a knowing that their success contributes to my success.

We offer six core programs, which can be tailored to suit your brief. These programs are offered at one of our retreat centres or at a location of your choice.

Our 3C Online Coaching Program

Our flagship programme where three senior leaders develop skills in Coaching, Communication and Collaboration.

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The 3C Leadership program is our flagship, online coaching program. Over a 3-month period a group of 3 senior leaders get coached as a triad, to develop 3 core skills; coaching, communication and collaboration.

Participants work on specific capabilities including, relationship management, dealing with tension & conflict, delegating effectively, cross-cultural management, influencing and negotiation skills, strategic thinking, people-management (up & down), execution, decision-making skills, professionalism etc.

Coaching in threes is one of the most effective ways of sustaining long-term change with individuals and teams, because of the unique support and feedback gained from peer to peer interaction. It also enhances the organisational culture by creating positive, internal and scalable mechanisms that drive openness, trust and collaboration.

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High Performance Team Development

Experiential designs which encourage dialogue, trust and mutual team support. We ensure structure and a safe space for this to happen.

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High Performance Team Development

Teams become high performing when trust, communication and mutual support systems are at their best. Our experiential designs around team development ensure that there is the structure, open dialogue and safe space to really make this happen. No role-plays, only real-plays, where any barriers to effective team work can be skilfully addressed.

Our programs have created 100's of high performing teams. Individuals get to focus on their behaviours that will enhance the effectiveness of the team. We transform the culture to one in which each person achieves personal success, through the success of the team.

It doesn't matter whether your team is just forming or needs to get to the next level we'll use a combination of psychometric tests, workshop off-sites, stakeholder interviews and one on one coaching to ensure it performs at the highest level.

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Our Executive Education Program

A two to three day workshop used as a stand-alone program or to start a longer term intervention. Built around leaders, teams and the organisation.

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Executive Education Programs 

We offer a range of 2-3 day workshops, provided as a stand-alone program or as an effective way to launch any longer term intervention. We start by conducting in depth stakeholder interviews to fully understand the behaviours and dynamics of the team, before they join the offsite. Each of these programs are built around the challenges facing leaders, teams and organisations today. New insights and learnings arise in a truly experiential way.

The emphasis of the workshops is based on individual client briefs. Programmes we've developed in the past include Leading with Wisdom/ Inspirational Leadership / Developing high performing teams / Giving and receiving effective feedback / Managing change and transitions in a complex world.

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Our Online Culture Change Program

A nine week online mindfulness program facilitated by our highly trained practitioners.

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Online Culture Change Program 

We know that being adaptive and having the skills to navigate the increasingly complex world is extremely important within middle management. It's through their words, behaviours and actions that new cultures emerge and thrive On average, line managers directly supervise 80% of the workforce, so nurturing them to communicate well and manage change effectively is key to the long-term success of any organization.

To effect culture change we use our online mindfulness based program, facilitated by one of our many highly trained practitioners. The program is delivered over 9 weeks in a similar format to our 3C Online Coaching Program. Through this programme, staff at different levels can learn skills to support each other and gradually develop a shared language and an ownership of organisational values, culture and purpose.

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Retreat Based One-on-One Coaching

Retreat based coaching for leaders. Held at our centres in Thailand or Canada.

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Retreat Based One on One Coaching

High performing teams require inspiring and authentic leaders who can co-create a shared vision with their teams. These leaders need to coach, genuinely listen with interest and care, and give and receive regular feedback. Leaders must have high levels of self-awareness and an ability to change any behaviour that prevent optimal performance,

For 2- 3 days we take the leader out of the working environment, for an intense one-on-one in depth coaching programme at one of our purpose built, idyllic and private retreat centres in Chiangmai Thailand or Salts Spring Island Canada.

Our retreats provide a calm environment for the leader to genuinely explore the impact of their leadership approach. We also help them learn how to better manage the stress that accompanies modern executive life. Stakeholder calls are conducted with subordinates, peers and seniors to ascertain which behaviours are inhibiting growth and team leadership. A six-month program is then put in place to support the changes needed.

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Bespoke 360 Evaluation Programs

360 reviews designed to give you the insights and understanding you need about your teams.

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Bespoke 360 Evaluation Programs

Nearly all of our work involves talking to stakeholders in order to get very specific about the real changes that are required within an organisation to make a real difference. Our coaches are trained to conduct these interviews in a way that extracts the often-unsaid information providing new and fresh insights around the real issues. Although we do this work as part of all of our interventions some clients, due to our expertise, have asked us to conduct 360 evaluation reviews as a stand-alone service, which we are very happy to do.

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