Our Consultants and Facilitators

Experienced Practitioners from Diverse Backgrounds

  We are a team of highly skilled consultants who come from different countries and diverse backgrounds. We share a passion for mindfulness, and the idea that leaders and teams who support each other in the change process are not only far more effective, but also lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

  • All of us have a strong business background, have been through the Asian Leadership Institute’s experiential nine month training program, and we each have our own personal mindfulness practice.

  • Our global reach allows us to run workshops for your leadership teams in diverse locations. Our online programs are able to coach groups of clients across multiple geographies and time zones.

Meet some of our Coaches and Facilitators

Brian Bauerle


  We help organisations create the high performing teams to form thriving organisations.

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Gaston Schmitz


  I work with executives to achieve great results from a place of inspiration and purpose.

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John McAuley


  I’m passionate about helping traders overcome the limitations of their personality.

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Aaron Quinn


  With fearless questioning and humor I help clients uncover what truly motivates them.

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Mark Hansen


  I provide a deep level of expertise and insight across a wide range of industries and multi-cultural & family environments

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Ray Martin

3C facilitator

  I help people apply mindfulness teachings with their business knowledge so their work offers greater purpose.

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Michael Bartura

3C facilitator

  As a facilitator, I listen deeply and asks questions with just the right mix of curiosity, empathy and authority.

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Jaidip Khurana


  I coach clients to access their intuition and gain clarity which aligns their actions with their core values.

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Carlota Simo

3C facilitator

  I hold a safe space for an open, positive and challenging process of transformation.

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Poncho Cottier

3C facilitator

  I have a natural gift for human connection, emphatic listening and intuitive coaching.

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Susan Ward

3C facilitator

  I am passionate about using my interpersonal and communication skills with small and large groups.

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Adil Moloobhoy


  My personal experience enables me to passionately support the growth of family run businesses .

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Susanne Mueller

3C facilitator

  I am passionate to empower and develop mindful global leaders for the future with my practical and pragmatic approach for a strong healthy body and mind.

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Pete Gable

3C facilitator

  I have an intuitive ability to help people go deep and discover new perspectives, overcome their fears and limiting self beliefs to reach towards their true potential.

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Matthias Goertz

3C facilitator

  I advise clients across on growth strategy, organizational transformation and leadership development.

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Mark Allison

3C facilitator

  I help senior leaders manage stress, connect with their sense of purpose and lead from a place of authenticity and trust.

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Sarah Ghan

3C facilitator

  I create space for people to be their authentic selves and feel truly heard.

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Troy McFadden

3C facilitator

Triads bring all participants into deeper levels of connection, productivity, and meaning.

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Tarek Anwar

3C facilitator

  I have always believed that we all have a choice. A choice to build a far better world, starting with ourselves.

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Over 40 trained facilitators

With our culturally diverse facilitators based all over the world, we can deliver programs to suit multiple time zones and language needs.

All of our facilitators have benefited from our programs, and are passionate about supporting us in our quest to raise the consciousness of leaders, their teams, and to create organisations where people truly thrive.