Shifting perspectives in just one day

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The Problem

The regional team of a fortune 100 digital media company only get a chance to meet as a team once a year and we were tasked with turning that one day into something meaningful that could very quickly impact their approach to business. They wanted to create stronger connections within the team and a new way to support each other to raise the overall effectiveness of the team.

The Solution

We created a one day workshop that focused on self awareness and feedback to increase trust and created a methodology for each of them to use to support each other in how they approached difficult, yet critical, stakeholder relationships.


100% of participants rated the program very useful.

New strategies for approaching difficult stakeholders were developed and immediately put into practice.

  Very much appreciated the feed forward exercise as well as team feedback session. Mindfulness and personality sessions also provided useful food for thought.

  Overall it was an amazing experience. Really helped connecting with the self and realized how smaller things that we typically overlook can make a huge difference.

  Practice compassion and take more steps to understand what the individual/teams I am working with are feeling and what motivates them to succeed as well.

  The workshop will be useful across both my personal and professional life. It was a great way to get time to slow down and think more thoroughly about how I choose to spend my time and how I interact with my team and cross functional partners.