Susan Ward

Susan has an MBA from the University of Ottawa in Canada and is a certified professional facilitator (CFP) who has a passion for using her interpersonal and communication skills with small and large groups to create strategic alignment, transformation, and a performance-orientation. Susan has been part of no less than three start up organizations, enjoying the white space and the platform for innovation that comes from ambiguity. Her last role was as Senior Director of Learning, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Throughout her career, Susan has produced extraordinary results from her skilful blending of a knack for strategy and an ability to foster effective operations.

I am passionate about using my interpersonal and communication skills with small and large groups.

In addition to facilitation, Susan weaves together many other skills in her consulting relationships; including Brain-Based Coaching and Mindfulness for which she has earned recognized credentials. She is currently coaching individuals from around the world so they can apply mindfulness practices to benefit themselves, their organizations, families and society-at-large. In 2015 Susan joined the Asian Leadership Institute and trained as one of our 3C facilitators. In her previous role with the Cleveland Clinic, she was instrumental in pioneering triad coaching at the most senior levels. This experience has helped make her one of the top 3C facilitators at the institute. Susan holds the position of Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

A significant portion of her time is dedicated to giving back and Susan’s volunteer contribution includes mentoring rising female stars in Asia through the organization WEDU, and being a field of play volunteer at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.