Troy McFadden

Troy’s career as a successful global entrepreneur has led to the establishment of resorts in Asia, health centers in the US, and an international school. He has served as a consultant for both start-ups and established businesses in Japan, Bali, Thailand, the US and Canada.

Triads bring all participants into deeper levels of connection, productivity, and meaning.

His strengths lie in his depth of compassion, his experience operating businesses in multi-cultural settings, and his willingness and ability to ‘think outside the box’ in regards to problem-solving and conflict resolution. Combining his communications and cultural anthropology studies at the University of Florida with his work and travel throughout the globe, Troy finds the commonalities amongst people from various backgrounds, aligning them with a common vision that honors both the personal and professional integrity of all involved.

A background in meditation, natural health and wellness, and solo wilderness excursions have contributed to his passion for individual growth and development as well, helping others connect with their deepest motivations and highest potential.

Troy has also worked as a newspaper editor, teacher, salesman, and customer service manager. His hobbies and interests include the arts, travel, and Native American practices and beliefs.

After a 20-year association with the founder of the Asian Leadership Institute, Brian Bauerle, Troy joined ALI consultancy in order to share his knowledge and experience, bringing warmth, wisdom, and humor into both his group work as a Triad facilitator and his private coaching practice.